Kush Hazy Double IPA and a Moment of Nostalgia

Reminiscing the days of hanging with friends while smoking blunts and listening to Lil’ Wayne; not that I care to pursue such an endeavor, but that is what this particular brew tends to provide. With this intriguing sense of nostalgia being transmitted with each sip, I cannot help but to wonder what that period of time has to offer now that I am advanced in years and overall knowledge.

There seems to be a glimmer of potential wisdom that beacons itself through the aroma and flavors emitting forth, and the nostalgia that follows. Perhaps there is a youthful, creative concept that is seeking to manifest itself while in the nostalgic state, or perhaps it is a lost sense of joy that desires to seep itself back into my being. And yet, it could be a longing for a simpler time, before that of having a family and the rush of life bombard our every sense, a desire for what was for the now and the what will be. Whatever the case may be, the beer is damn good, and the sunset, superb.


Michael Thacker


A Pomegranate Sour IPA On A Windy Spring Day

5 PM at home with winds blowing steady out of the south and a vibrant, warm sunshine peaking out from amongst the passing clouds. And of course I have a companion alongside to help me really soak up the moment and keep calm during the occasional gusts-Martin House Brewing Company’s Panama Red: a sour IPA with Pomegranates.

This sour hopped up brew provides plenty of tart, along with a subtle hop citrus bite balanced out by a bit of pomegranate sweetness at the finish. Pairing suggestions might include a bowl of buttery popcorn for a snack or some BBQ ribs for a meal.

I hope everyone’s Friday evenings are just as splendid (besides the steady winds and occasional gusts), and may your weekend present to you enticing, and yet swell adventures. Cheers.

Michael Thacker

End of Day Beer Medicine

Winding down this evening with a dose of hoppiness from Community Beer Company out of Dallas, Texas. Aromas of tropical fruit, orange peel, and pine. Each sip provides you with a mellow pineapple and mango blend that’s accompanied by a hint of citrus fruit and black pepper. Get the meds while they’re good, but just watch your dosage. Cheers.

-Michael Thacker

Panther Island Brewing Company’s Hazy Cat NE IPA

Getting a little lazy with Hazy Cat brewed up by the guys at Panther Island Brewing Company in Fort Worth, Texas. A wonderfully crafted northern IPA that comes with robust aromas of citrus and orange peel, and yet provides a subtle citrus tang flavor with a slight hop bite at the finish. This brew is sure to keep you warm and hoppy through these cool winter nights; cheers.

-Michael Thacker

Dreaming Of The Beach With Shannon Brewing Company’s Experimental IPA

First post on the blog, so felt compelled to get experimental with Shannon Brewing Company’s Experimental IPA. A mouthful of hazy, tropical vibes that helps you transcend the cold weather outside into a beach side paradise inside. Hope everyone is doing well out there, and cheers to all.

-Michael Thacker