Kush Hazy Double IPA and a Moment of Nostalgia

Reminiscing the days of hanging with friends while smoking blunts and listening to Lil’ Wayne; not that I care to pursue such an endeavor, but that is what this particular brew tends to provide. With this intriguing sense of nostalgia being transmitted with each sip, I cannot help but to wonder what that period of time has to offer now that I am advanced in years and overall knowledge.

There seems to be a glimmer of potential wisdom that beacons itself through the aroma and flavors emitting forth, and the nostalgia that follows. Perhaps there is a youthful, creative concept that is seeking to manifest itself while in the nostalgic state, or perhaps it is a lost sense of joy that desires to seep itself back into my being. And yet, it could be a longing for a simpler time, before that of having a family and the rush of life bombard our every sense, a desire for what was for the now and the what will be. Whatever the case may be, the beer is damn good, and the sunset, superb.


Michael Thacker


A Pomegranate Sour IPA On A Windy Spring Day

5 PM at home with winds blowing steady out of the south and a vibrant, warm sunshine peaking out from amongst the passing clouds. And of course I have a companion alongside to help me really soak up the moment and keep calm during the occasional gusts-Martin House Brewing Company’s Panama Red: a sour IPA with Pomegranates.

This sour hopped up brew provides plenty of tart, along with a subtle hop citrus bite balanced out by a bit of pomegranate sweetness at the finish. Pairing suggestions might include a bowl of buttery popcorn for a snack or some BBQ ribs for a meal.

I hope everyone’s Friday evenings are just as splendid (besides the steady winds and occasional gusts), and may your weekend present to you enticing, and yet swell adventures. Cheers.

Michael Thacker